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FK78 Watch Model Series 5, 1.78 full screen, encoder knob, Bluetooth call, true heart rate, step counter, universal 42/44 various straps

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The main selling points of FK78 smart watch

1.78 full screen, encoder knob, Bluetooth call, true heart rate, step counter, universal 42/44 various straps

FK78 Parameter:

  • Platform: MTK2502C
  • Product Modeling: Smart Watch
  • The reference size of the whole machine: 46*35.7*11.6mm
  • Case: Alloy
  • Strap: Silicone
  • Charging method: charging stand
  • Color: black, gold, silver
  • Main screen: 1.78 HD IPS, 320*385
  • Touch screen: 2.5D curved capacitive full-fit touch screen

The main function of FK78 smartwatch:
1.Bluetooth push: SMS, WeChat, QQ news and other client information and other communications in time to remind
2.Heart rate detection: heart rate monitoring, monitor your heartbeat around the clock Pedometer: exercise step count, calorie consumption, exercise mileage record
3.Sedentary reminder: It’s time to get up and exercise and change the unhealthy lifestyle
4. Sleep monitoring: objectively scientifically record and analyze your sleep status quantitatively
5. Find mobile phone function: anti-lost reminder. Two-way search
6. Bluetooth music playback: Play on the watchCall reminder: Support
7. Bluetooth function and version: 3.0, 4.0 support Bluetooth call
8. Battery specifications and capacity: 320MAH high-capacity polymer
9. Vibration motor: support
10. Other functions: alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, calculator


FK78 Watch language pack:
English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew. Turkish, Vietnamese, Malaysia


FK78 Packing List:
1* Original FK78 Smart Watch
1* Charger
1* Manual
1* Original Box



FK78 1.78 inch unbounded vision

Clear and delicate, Shocking vision
1. 320*385 HD resolution
2. Ai personality dial
3. smart sports
4. Health monitoring



Main Features
1.Bluetooth call
2. Professional sports
3. Healthy partner
4. Strong batter life
5. Wear the dial
6. Play music


Guide angle HD large screen
The screen-to-body ratio is as high as 91.18%, the left and right borders are as narrow as 2.99mm, and there is no chin chamfered screen.

Multiple dials can be changed at will
Built-in dial themes of different color, you can choose the corresponding dial replacement according to the different color of the strap of dressing style, and easily integrate into life

1.78 inch HD display
Redefine the large color screen, larger screen, higher resolution, high-definition screen, can be seen clearly in the sun.

Two UI display
The dual UI interface display, the honeycomb interface and the six-grid interface, are clear and clear, No matter what kind of interface display you want your can be satisfied.

Honeycomb interface
Honey comb UI interface, just rotate the crown of the watch( you control the expansion and zooming of the interface), you can adjust the size of the UI to suit your eyes and the size your want, giving you a different experience.

Side button crown
The side button crown can perform operations such as page turning. interface switching, zoom in/our, and brightness control.

Bluetooth call/dial
Watch Bluetooth calls, freeing your hands anytime, anywhere, making the answering more efficient, and easily coping with various states such as home ,work, and sports.

Information push
SmS, Wechat, QQ,WhatSapp, Facebook messages etc, willbe synchronized to vibrate reminders without having to look up on a mobile phone, you can see it by raising your hand.

Dynamic heart rate detection
The built-in optical heart rate sensor can detect your heart rate in real time for 24 hours, and record your heart rate changes in each period on the health assistant APP

One-key measurement of blood pressure/oxygen
Intelligently detect your blood pressure and blood oxygen, and save the data synchronously to the APP to take care of your health.

Sleep monitoring
Diagnose and record the number of deep sleep, light sleep, and waking times to help your understand the quality of sleep each night and improve your sleep status.

Smart step counting
The watch will record your history, duration, number of the steps, calorie consumption, time and heart rate data, which can be viewed at any time by uploading to the APP simultaneously.

Multi-sport mode
With 12 multi-sports modes, it can record exercise data in real time without the mobile phone, and record the time, heart rate, calories and other consumption during exercise, making your training more targeted

GPS precise trajectory
The GPS positioning function of the mobile phone will automatically record your movement track, during which it will record your mileage, duration, speed, consumption, etc.

Music Control
The watch can control the player of the phone, After clicking the music icon to enter, you can perform play/pause, previous and next operations.

Personal training and Pilates
This watch can be your personal teacher, Pilates exercise improve your posture, increase muscle mass, lose weight, and promote body balance.

Arm circle, hand exercise, push ups, clamshell pose, Supine hip lift, side leg lift, swimmer body support walking, Table type supine body, semi supine kick, boat type, Supine kick.

Real-time weather
Weather forecast, track weather changes at any time, go out and feel at ease.

Click to take a photo
Connect to Bluetooth, click the camera function in the APP function, not to miss every moment.

More features.

  • 1. Reminder function, alarm clock reminder, sedentary reminder, drink reminder, anti-lost reminder,etc.
  • 2. Find the phone, you call the phone, the phone will not promise you, but it can.
  • 3. Stopwatch, we can create multiple and manage multiple timers.
  • 4. A timer, a device to measure time, has an easy – to -sue interface.
  • 5. Brightness adjustment, indifferent environment, we can adjust the brightness that suits our eyes.

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