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Home Security GSM Alarm System Wireless / House anti-theft alarm system

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  • ✅【ALARM HOST】:The core of this alarm system is the alarm host, it will send a wireless signal to the alarm host through the alarm accessories detected illegal actions, and then sound a 120 dB alarm, using loud noise to deter illegal intruders, while dialing the number to inform the host, neighbors and security, to achieve the effect of security against theft.
  • ✅【PHONE SMS ALARM】:This burglar alarm has 9 sets of telephone alarms, 6 sets of SMS alarms, and the alarm host turns the default number or sends a text message to the mobile phone to ensure that the alarm is in place. The alarm host can connect four wired detectors. When the alarm system is triggered, the wired alarm will give an alarm, and then the alarm system will dial the preset number to effectively block the thief and notify the community of security.Alarm volume up to 110 decibels.
  • ✅【REMOTE CONTROL】:This product has remote control function, it can remotely control household appliances, very convenient, when you finish your work every day, after you get home from work, you can use it to control the water heater, then you can enjoy the hot water bath. It can not only protect the safety of your family, but also be a small assistant in your life!
  • ✅【EASY TO INSTALL & OPERATE】:Users can freely set according to their own needs, set timing protection, set once, and bid farewell to cumbersome operating procedures. This product has 100 sets of defense zones, can expand 120 accessories, effectively protect 120 locations, with fire and burglar alarms, no security risks.

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